How To Add To The Life Of Your Denim And Skinny Jeans

Among different clothing items, jeans is the most versatile one as it has to ability to fiddle with every type of fashion. Jeans has become so prevailing that one can find hundreds of thousands aficionados in every region of the world. The things that rattle in minds while buying a pair of jeans are the color and the comfort. Apart from the quality of jeans, fading of color after washing is a must and as it grows older, it becomes more tempting and engaging. Skinny jeans and denim jeans that are available in a wide range of colors appear striking in their original colors and hence, special care is required while washing. There are certain color retention treatments that really help to avoid fading of colors.

How to Wash

To retain the color of your denim or skinny jeans, add some white vinegar to water before washing. Turn over the jeans and then soak it for about an hour to lock the color. White vinegar is one of the ancient color retaining chemicals and works well.

Another important thing to keep in mind while washing your skinny or denim jeans is that you should avoid dousing them in hot water. This is very important because this is a common practice to wash clothes with hot water but if you do this with your denim jeans or your skinny jeans, you will have to cut a sorry figure because this will cause shrinking. To avoid this sort of situations, always use water with temperature lower than 30 degrees. If you are conscious about your skinny jeans and love your denim jeans to appear the same, use your hands for washing as this will not only care for the color but also add to the life of the fabric. Ironing denim jeans is often not recommended because it causes loss of shine.

While washing your denim jeans, don’t forget to turn over your jeans. This is emphasized due to the fact that this reduces the fading of color and you can retain of your skinny jeans for a longer duration of time.

Another thing to ponder upon while washing your denim jeans is to avoid the use of detergent. Most of the detergents include chemicals that act as bleaching agents and thus affect the color of jeans. On the other hand, soaps are better because they do not include any bleaching agent and can clean your skinny jeans without tempering the color or the fabric.

The next thing is the way you dry your denim jeans after washing it. Do not hang your denim jeans in direct sun rather hang it from waist in dry, shaded and ventilated area because the sun can cause serious oxidation fading.

Protection Methods

You can also take care of your denim jeans by adopting some precautionary measures. 6 to 12 months is the best time to clean your jeans. Frequent washing not only damages the stuff of your skinny jeans but also makes the fabric hard and uncomfortable to wear. In summer when not only bodies but the clothes also get wet with sweat, you can swathe it in ventilated and dry place. Spray a little water on your denim jeans and let it dry. The taste of mix will be blown away by the air. If you find some small spots or dirt on it, shower some water on the dirty area and wash it gently.

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