Bar stools traditional and modern and their functionality factor

Bar stools are useful items of furniture to have around the home regardless of having a wet bar or a breakfast bar in the home. They come so handy for many purposes not to mention their attractive look and functionality when you want something lightweight to sit on. One of the main advantages of the bar stool is being able to swivel it 360 degrees around without having to turn your head and body every which way while also providing a birds eye view of the entire room in one glance.

When buying a bar stool or counter stool for your home, the first thing you must remember is the look of your home. Is it classic and traditional or modern and contemporary because the furniture you buy must suit the look. Leather bar stools are undoubtedly elegant and add a touch of class to any room and even if your stools are old, it doesn’t really matter because leather always ages well. Traditional bar stools are usually made out of woods such as mahogany and upholstered in rich leather or durable warm fabric while modern stools have a more contemporary look with sleek hard lines and are made of chrome or metal.

Modern homes are ideal for metal bar stools that go with art decor paintings and whimsical furniture that look just right for the new couples that prefer these styles to the more traditional look. Another option is get a few kitchen stools or counter stools done up in bamboo which is ideal to give the kitchen or dining area a tropical look. This kind of stool bar goes well with cane furniture with cushions in earth colors like rust, brown, green and gold lending undeniable charm and simplicity to any room be it a kitchen or dining room.

It’s easy to identify a modern bar stool because its much smaller than the ones you see in old bars and cafes. Furthermore, most of them are made in steel or chrome and come with colorful bright seats that match the rest of the decor in the place. These are easy to clean and maintain but perhaps not as durable as those old classics we still see holding their place with pride and dignity among all the bright and cheap stuff, no matter how colorful they look.

There however is one advantage to the modern bar stool that’s small in size because it occupies less space and is therefore ideal for the modern home which has little room for heavy furniture and does not in any way match the sleek straight lines of new homes. These stools are also easy to clean and all they need is a wipe now and them to make them look good as news whereas leather and other heavy fabrics need professional cleaning to keep them looking good.

If you’re thinking of getting a stool bar for your home, you’ll need a few stools to go with it. There’s never any trouble finding bar stools or counter stools these days, and your best option is to do your search online where you will come across many websites from where you can buy your bar stool, kitchen stool or counter stool to suit your requirements. Any stool that has a raising, lowering mechanism is worth the money you pay for it because this type of stool is ideal for people of different heights and for children as well.

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